What Students Are Saying
Why Dual Credit Learning?

Students are exposed to the full college experience (college life and college classroom learning) by being physically connected to the college and college instructors. The college experience helps to encourage students to earn their final credits towards their OSSD and planned potential career pathway. The program is funded by the School-College-Work-Initiative. Students get to ‘try on’ college life at no cost to them. Students are also provided with all the materials they need to succeed in their Dual Credit courses. This includes textbooks, access to transportation and the support and encouragement from teachers, instructors and coordinators. This guarantees that students get to experience career options at the college, and graduate from the program one step closer to earning the OSSD and continuing on the pathway to postsecondary education.

Still unsure if Dual Credit Learning is right for you?
Listen to student testimonials:

“I’m glad I took Dual Credit ‘Managing for College Success’ course because it has helped me develop great skills for taking college courses. I’ve learned different subjects such as managing time, managing stress, and what to expect when walking down the path to post-secondary. It is helpful right now because I will know what to expect when going to college this fall. I am grateful for the opportunity of being able to successfully take the course and proud to say that it has helped me in great ways. This course will be so helpful in the future, especially knowing not only about college but how to take care of myself at the same time.” 

– Kaneisha E., Managing for Success, Moosonee

“I very much enjoyed the Dual Credit class because I have learned so much I would have not learned at my high school. The Dual Credit class has opened my mind to the types of crime that goes on I the world and what the legal system does to stop these rates from increasing. The Dual Credit class was related to the program I am taking in September, and I will be taking everything I have learned from the class and using it to become successful.”  

– Maria D., Youth in Conflict with the Law and Community Policing, Timmins

“I took the Human Relationships course as my dual credit. It taught me what college is like, as in how serious they are about deadlines and attendance. It really gave me a taste of what college is like. It will help to prepare me for college next year as I am going into a Pre-Trades program. It was a learning experience.”  

– R.J. L., Human Relationships, Moosonee

“I’ve always had trouble learning how to do things on my own but this gave me a chance to learn how to do it by myself. I think College Link has helped me prepare for my post-secondary education in more ways than one. being in the college environment really helped me adjust and get the feel for what it’s going to be like in actual post-secondary school. I learned that managing my time on assignments is a very big deal. I’ve also learned that you can always ask for help because that was one thing I have always been scared to do.” 

– Mayson S., College Link, Timmins

“The Dual Credit course was a good class and I have learned a lot from it. It is much more interesting and hands-on that a regular high school class. We had a guest speaker, and out class did a mock trial that was pretty realistic. I feel I am more educated and prepared for my Police Foundations course in September.”  

– Desiree B., Youth in Conflict with the Law and Community Policing, Timmins

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