Why enroll
By participating in a Dual Credit Program, students are surrounded by everything (and everyone) they need to succeed!

Dual Credit Learning provides the opportunity for students to experience real-world courses and applications in unique and professional educational environments. Students enrolled in Dual Credit Learning Programs are engaged in college-level classes and are considered by staff as college students. Exposure to the college setting and culture encourages students to work harder and reach their full potential. Students develop the tools to boost their confidence and gain a new perspective and insight on their future.

Students enrolled in the Dual Credit Program Have access to all the tools they require to succeed. This includes:


The full college experience at no cost: ie. gym membership, access to student supports and services


Access to textbooks or tools, free of charge.


Paid tuition and student fees


Transportation and parking passes, free of charge.

Transferable Credits

… the best part? Dual Credits are transferable, which means that students who continue to pursue a postsecondary college diploma or apprenticeship certification will have a head-start on their classmates. Any dual credits earned towards their OSSD will also count towards their college diploma or apprenticeship certification.

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